Property Management

We have a team dedicated to your property management services for our clients. Leave the hard work of collecting rent, evictions and maintenance of the property up to us and we will send you the monthly rent hassle free so you’re not wasting time and energy. We allow you, the owner, to enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership while eliminating the headaches normally associated with managing your own real estate investments.

 Fee: 10% of Rental Value

  1. Tenant placement
  2. Collect rent
  3. Keep accurate records of payments, maintenance, applications and agreements
  4. Forward rent to owner
  5. Handle tenant problems
  6. On-site handling of emergencies
  7. On-site supervision of major repairs
  8. Preparation of necessary forms including notice to quit, change of terms, three-day pay or quit, etc.
  9. Provide written report of any hazardous conditions or unusual events observed at the property
  10. Obtain competitive bidding on all repairs over $500
  11. Prepare checks for expenses in a timely manner
  12. Provide yearly accounting of income and expenses for tax preparation

****The following expenses are NOT covered by any of our fees: advertising, maintenance or legal.****